The public hearings for SWROD have ended. The process continues with the following meetings. The public can attend, but cannot speak. Please stay informed and reach out to City Councilors and Board Members.  Conservation Commission - from 11/2 meeting Date set for Site Walk in accordance of the ANRAD filed by the proponent. This process confirms the boundaries of the wetlands on the property in accordance with the Mass. Wetlands Protection Act.Site Walk is Monday 11/13 at 9:00 am. A motion was made to reaffirm the opinion of the Commissioners. A vote was taken. 7-0 in favor of leaving their recommendation to the City Council and Planning Board as stated in their letter dated 9/11/23. Con. Com’s next meeting is Thurs. Nov. 16th. Agenda has not been posted yet. Makes sense that SWROD will continue to be on their agenda. Planning Board - from Public Hearing 10/23 Similar to the City Council meeting on 9/11, the proponent provided a presentation. The public asked a series of questions. Statements of opposition were made. Board members asked questions. Draft minutes from this meeting will be posted on the PB page of the City website by 11/9.  The chair declared the Public Hearing closed but indicated, and board members agreed, more information was needed from the proponent before a recommendation could be made. Next meeting Monday, 11/13 at 7pm.  Urban Affairs - meeting 11/6 The proponent provided a brief update of their plans with a chart of Zoning Amendments and an updated Fiscal Impact Analysis. They mentioned that new language for the SWROD will be filed with the Planning Board in prep. for the 11/13 meeting. This will be posted by 11/9. It was said that these changes are in response to all they have been learning from meetings with City Council, Con. Com., Planning Board, and neighbors. Councilors continued to question the scope of the project, the environmentally sensitive nature of the site, and whether an Overlay District gives the City more control than the current Limited Industrial zoning. Questions about a Special Permit were also raised. Whether or not the land could be purchased by the City was briefly mentioned. No determination on SWROD was made. Next meeting Wed. 11/15. They are hoping to hear from P.B. before they meet again. City CouncilA date for the City Council to vote on SWROD has not been set. There is a 90 day timeline that started with the first Public Hearing on 9/11.  Next City Council meetings 11/27 and 12/4. Agendas have not been posted yet.