There are at least two big meetings coming up as Urban Affairs and City Council deliberate the Sasseville Way Residential Overlay District. City Council has 90 Days to make a determination. That clock started on Sept. 11th, 2023 with the public hearing. All concerned should mark their calendars and try and attend both of these meetings. The public cannot speak but being present may make a difference when the councilors vote. Thurs. Nov 30th (7:30 pm) Urban Affairs City Council Chambers - Continued discussion on the specific language in SWROD - It's anticipated they will determine their recommendation that goes to the full Council. It's important to be present, even though we cannot speak. Mon. Dec. 4th (8pm) City Council meeting City Council Chambers - It's  anticipated the Council will vote on SWROD. A simple majority vote (6 of 11 councilors) to pass or defeat this proposal. Again, It's important to be present. But cannot speak.  Here is a link to the City Council website that contains documents from the Urban Affairs meeting 11/15/23. Materials presented from the developer, the NEUTRAL recommendation from the Planning Board, and comments from Thomas DiPersio, Jr., City Engineer are included. Note:Monday Nov. 27th  - Next City Council meeting. Right now SWROD is not on the agenda. If that changes an update will be posted.